WHAT WE DO: Home Pain Management

New York House Call Physicians are pleased to address pain management needs for our patients. Our family physicians and internal medicine physicians can manage acute or chronic pain that falls within our specialty or expertise. Pain management requiring controlled medications and strong opiates (narcotics) are best managed by a pain management specialist in a medical office.

New York House Call Physicians work with our patients to find the best pain management options to keep our patients pain free. These options include but are not limited to alternative and complimentary medicines and treatments, over the counter pain medicines, prescription non-controlled pain medicines, and certain controlled pain medicines.

New York House Call Physicians agree with the DEA: "pain treatment specialists" assertions that many general practitioners have not received adequate training to address complex chronic pain syndromes. These specialists emphasize that Schedule II opiates are best used as the treatment of last resort for chronic pain; and that when they are used, they should be part of a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management, including physical and psychological therapy. DEA has strongly supported the establishment of "Model Guidelines for the Use of Controlled Substances in Pain Management" by the Federation of State Medical Boards. These guidelines reflect currently accepted standards that may be used by both medical professionals and regulators in determining the appropriateness of opioid prescribing." (source: http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov)

New York House Call Physicians are pleased to address the medical needs of our chronic pain and home bound patients who carry diagnoses such as cancer resulting in chronic pain and/or hospice patients with chronic pain and/or patients immediately postoperative and/or homebound patients with chronic pain whose immobility limits them from traveling to a pain management doctor's office. Treatment of chronic pain requiring schedule II and III opiates are generally reserved for these patients.

If you suffer from chronic pain and feel you need a schedule II or III opioid such as Oxycontin, oxycodone, or hydrocodone, we strongly suggest you contact and follow-up with a board-certified pain management specialist as well as following up with appropriate therapists such as psychiatry and psychology as chronic pain often brings emotional and psychological issues and concerns.