WHAT WE DO: On Call Services

Although a house call is nearly always performed with 2 to 4 hours of the appointment request, we cannot always guarantee timely medical care as our physicians and staff may be seeing other patients. Some of our clients request a faster turn around time than that…

Based on demand, we now offer doctor, nurse, and in the near future Emergency Technician Services “on call” services. This means that for a flat hourly fee, depending on the level of the health care provider, we can guarantee our medical staff accompanies you on your travels, waits at your home, business, or hotel or is available within 1-2 hours of your call (usually sooner). New York House Call Physicians will have all necessary equipment to address an onsite emergency and will correspond with your regular physician if you’d like, keeping them posted of your health status.

Please note that our standard fees will apply above the cost of doctor and nurse “on call” services. For example, you request a physician be “on call” for 12 hours while an infirm patient visits New York. The charge would be the hourly “on call” charge plus the cost of the physician house call.