New York House Call Physicians: Your Doctor in the Family have experienced doctors and nurses who can insert multiple types on intravenous lines and catheters in your home, office, nursing facility, or hospital-setting. The following types of IV lines can be placed throughout New York City, NYC, and its boroughs including Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island: peripheral IV lines, Midlines, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC lines). Note that double and triple lumen Midline Catheters and PICC Lines are available. Real time ultrasound-guidance is used for each Midline and PICC insertion.

Maximum barrier sterile technique is used for every Midline and PICC line insertion to prevent infection.

All PICC line insertions are performed with immediate follow-up by portable chest X ray to confirm placement. These X rays are read by both the PICC nurse at the time of insertion and a Board-Certified Radiologist.

New York House Call Physicians' protocol for Midline and PICC line insertion require a doctor’s orders and information as to the medication being infused.

Patients will be instructed on care of the PICC line although we strongly advise you let an experienced PICC nurse perform follow-up checks of the PICC line and dressing changes which are recommended weekly.