WHAT WE DO: Integrative (Complimentary, Alternative, Holistic) Medicine

New York House Call Physicians: Your Doctor in the Family are experienced in integrative medical therapy, realizing that allopathic, osteopathic, and chiropractic medical care are not appropriate for all patients and may, in fact, be harmful.

New York House Call Physicians: Your Doctor in the Family can provide oral and/or topical and/or intravenous integrative medical treatments, allowing the marriage of conventional western medicine with the benefits of integrative, alternative, complimentary, and herbal medical care.

Increasing data [sources available upon request - there are too many to list on this page] suggest that intravenous supplementation of various vitamins and antioxidants reduce risk of infection, improve immune system function, slow progression of cancer, dementia, and atherosclerotic disease.

New York House Call Physicians' protocol for integrative medical care involves a thorough medical history, physical examination, and highly comprehensive laboratory testing often missed on conventional testing. As no two patients are alike, protocols are specifically adjusted to address each patient's medical condition, height, weight, gender, lab results, etc.

No treatments are without adverse effects although most common side effects are mild headache, injection site irritation, nausea and indigestion, and a mineral taste in the mouth.

Various protocols are available:

  • Alpha lipoic acid: Antioxidant, anti-aging, slows progression of dementia and atherosclerotic disease
  • Amino Acids (IV): Used to optimize the levels of the building blocks of proteins to prevent malnutrition and boost immune system function
  • Chelox therapy (IV): Alternating EDTA and hydrogen peroxide IVs which reduce risk of atherosclerotic disease
  • Chorionic gonadotropin [HGH] (Injection): Used for assisted reproductive technology and/or to address males with low sperm count, low testosterone levels, and may assist in anti-aging
  • EDTA: Chelation agent used to treat metal toxicity
  • High dose Vitamin C (intravenous): Similar to Myers cocktail but with double the dose of Vitamin C
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (intravenous): Antioxidant which inhibits cancer cell growth by providing an oxygen rich environment (aerobic) in which cancer cells (preferring aerobic or lower oxygen environments)
  • POLYMVA (intravenous): Poly-MVA is a uniquely formulated nutritional supplement containing a proprietary blend of Palladium and alpha-lipoic Acid (which we refer to as LAPd), Vitamins B1, B2 and B12, Formylmethionine, Acetyl Cystiene, and trace amounts of Molybdinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium. It is designed to provide energy for the compromised body systems by changing the electrical potential of human cells, increasing the charge density of DNA within the cell. POLYMVA is primarily used for end stage cancers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BEFORE CONSIDERING ANY OF THE ABOVE TREATMENTS, PLEASE VISIT THE American Cancer Society for detailed information about the benefits, risks, and components of the above integrative medical treatments.

For further information on integrative, complimentary, or alternative medical care, please contact New York House Call Physicians: Your Doctor in the Family.