WHAT WE DO: Home Audiology, Hearing Aids, and Ear Care

New York House Call Physicians:Your Doctor in the Family, is pleased to provide home visiting ear care throughout Manhattan and New York City. New York House Call Physicians' licensed audiologists (hearing specialists) can evaluate a patient's need for hearing aids, adjust hearing aids, update hearing aids, perform hearing tests, and provide general ear care in your home.

New York House Call Physicians:Your Doctor in the Family audiologists carry with them all equipment necessary to perform hearing testing and hearing aid evaluation in patient's homes. New York House Call Physicians' audiologists can dispense hearing aids and provide the most modern, comfortable, and cost-effective hearing devices available.

Note that if you would like a home visiting audiologist to evaluate you for hearing aids, an average of three home visits are required: the first home visit to test your hearing and measure your ear for hearing aids, the second home visit to insert the hearing aid and perform an initial adjustment, and a third home visit visit to perform a final adjustment and ensure optimal hearing aid function. Sometimes more than three visits are required, depending on how well the hearing aid or device is functioning.

New York House Call Physicians' audiologists will tell you the cost of your hearing aid or device. Note that hearing aids and devices are not included in the cost of your home visit and often are not covered or paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, or other third party health insurance companies. Most hearing aids cost approximately $1500 to $3000 per ear ($3000 to $6000 for both ears).

A physician ear evaluation may be required prior to your New York House Call Physicians' audiologist home visit to ensure there is no medical problem with the ear that requires doctor evaluation and treatment (IE excess ear wax or ear infection).