Miguel Mendoza, B.S., M.A., E.M.T.

Mr. Miguel Mendoza attended Northern Essex College in Lawrence, Massachusets (1995-1996) and later, obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree from Suffield University in Healthcare Administration (2004). Certifications have been obtained and maintained in American Heart Association CPR instruction (1994-present), by Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA) as a critical care technician and in patient care (1997), National Health Career Association Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (1999) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (2001-present). Continuing education in pharmacology, IV therapy, and 12 lead electrocardiography occurred at the Helene Fuld College of Nursing in New York City (2001). Miguel has a New York State Teaching License (#5452594), American Medical Technologist RMA (#1369279), and is an American Technologist Certified Instructor (#13498016). Clinical experience involving patient vital signs collection and hygiene care; phlebotomy via venipuncture, arterial lines and central lines; intravenous medical therapy; oxygen therapy; tuberculin testing; electrocardiography; foley catheter insertion, maintenance, and removal; wound care and orthopedic dressing; and acute life support occurred as an Emergency Room Technician at Lawrence General Hospital in Lawrence, MA (1992-1996), HS Systems, Inc. in New York, NY (1999-2000), Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston Massachusetts (1996-2000). Please contact New York House Call Physicians for further information on home clinical medical services.