What do you call a house call doctor’s practice when the office is closed for vacation?

Question: What do you call a doctor’s practice when the office is closed for vacation?

Answer: Dead. Prognosis grave. Death imminent. Call the coroner.

My running joke since starting New York House Call Physicians: Your Doctor in the Family in 2005 is that I ask my patients to get sick only Monday-Friday 9am-5pm but they never listen.

Patients have the audacity to get sick on weekends and even on the holidays. The nerve. Can’t they respect a doctor’s time with their friends, family, religious and social obligations, etc?

These are all obviously rhetorical questions.

My patients want direct access to me when they are sick, period. Whether in rural Maine now where I am on my first “vacation” in a year or Christmas Day, my email and smart phone are alive and well with patients calling, labs coming in, prior authorizations that need me to sign off on, the normal rumblings of a medical practice/small business go on 24/7/365.

My office doesn’t close for vacation. i don’t close for vacation. Illness doesn’t close for vacation.

Bottom line: If you want to keep your practice alive and thriving, always pick-up the phone, a few minutes spent while on vacation will save hours of work when you get back.

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