Trade secrets of a house call doctor

Now that I am no longer the only doctor in New York City doing house calls, I figured I’d spread the wealth and teach some of you newbies on some secrets of house call medicine.

A good house call physician does two things better than any other doctor:

1. He (or she) answers the phone when called NO MATTER WHAT (this includes email, mms, text, vm–welcome to the 21st century–no need to make sure your horse is well fed so you can hustle off in your buggy.

2. Know how to improvise. Since we are only as good as our knowledge and the gear we carry with us, improvisation in clutch.

Further details to follow, off to administer cefepime IM to a patient with pneumonia (that’s right, I wrote IM or intramuscularly, not IV)–cefepime can be mixed in lidocaine and given IM with equal efficacy to IV form. And you then do not have to fuss with the IV and the drip and wait around for 30 to 60 minutes to run the drip–time is money. I am out of here?

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