Secrets of a House Call Doctor Part II

Secrets of a House Call Doctor Part II

A good house call doctor is only as good as the equipment carried with them including medications.

Let’s face it, as 21st century physicians, we can do little without our gear.

Not to be forgotten are the house call doctors that preceded us–which essentially means medical practice since Hippocrates as doctors performed house calls regularly historically.
Terms like “Urgent Care Facility” or “Tertiary Care Hospital” would not have been translatable easily to Galen or Liston.

One of my first house calls was for a sore throat, that was what the caller said anyway. Upon arrival, in addition to the sore throat, they mentioned they had “twisted their ankle” and could I “take a quick look at it and wrap it.” I’m thinking: “Why would I bring ace wraps for a sore throat, why didn’t you mention this when you called, I have plenty at the office.”

The ankle appeared mildly sprained. I hustled down to the nearest pharmacy, bought an ankle wrap for 10 dollars (they cost 1 dollar if that wholesale), and wrapped the ankle.

When I do home visits now, I have so much gear it actually scares most patients, seriously. Imagine calling for a headache and a doctor walking in, cargo patents bulging with equipment, rolling with more gear than two strapping paramedics might carry. That’s me. Better to have it and not need it than vice versa.

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