A Weight Loss Doctor New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight P.3

As the cold month of January creeps to an end, I am not immune to the fad diets and the gym promotions that surround this 5’9″ 220 pound medical doctor here in Midtown, Manhattan, New York, City whose goal weight is 177 to 190 pounds over the next year.

Having been in the weight loss business, reviewed the weight loss literature, and watch my own metabolism slow (I  feel for for my cohort of people who now, when completing forms or checking the box on the elliptical trainer, check the 35 to 45 box rather than the 25 to 34 box)., I realize to lose roughly 40 pounds safely and realistically will take a year, needs to be done slow and steady. Slow and steady will win this race.

Something as subtle as eliminating the three cans of V8 vegetable juice which have about 80 calories each which sound and are healthy (minus perhaps the sodium) are 240 calories a day which are more or less what I burn daily in my morning spin class.

Oh yes, incidentally, I joined Crunch gym https://www.crunch.com in New York City.

I do not serve to endorse nor advertise them. I simply liked that their fees were reasonable (for me) at $79 monthly, no annual commitment, cancel anytime. Their approach unlike other high end gyms like Equinox–where everyone seemed “too” good looking with 1% body fat, their skin tight “sports bras” matching their sneakers”–is “come as you are.” Or I might translate, ‘so you are a little chubby, that’s ok, maybe we can get you in better shape.’

They did pitch me hard on 20 personal training sessions which I sigedn up forbut I will credit Fitness Manager Tiran Winston for giving me special attention to diet and nutrition and positive encouragement.

Tiran told me not to weigh myself daily but weekly. I didn’t listen of course having just joined the gym 5 days ago but I have lost 4 pounds since so since joining.

Of additional note, I am doing the 30 Day One Gallon a Day Water Challenge.  More to follow on that…






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  1. Dr. Schleider,

    I liked your post. For me, I went on tour of Equinox last fall. There is one close to me on 74th and Second Avenue. It is relatively new with an industrial multi-level look. What surprised me (other than cost-Yikes!) was how extremely crowded(lots of big surrounding buildings and plus popular with staff of NY Presbyterian Hospital)with wall to wall exercising people. I originally considered because my building gym is small and sometimes you don’t get your preferred equipment. But that reality seemed likely at Equinix too! Decided it was not appealing enough. May look at Crunch which opened at 68 th and Third.

    As for you eliminating v8, ice cream for me was the big thing! Also I never have a carbonated soda and likely drink a gallon of water a day which I love. I keep a pitcher of chilled water in the fridge.

    As for weighing myself, I weighed myself daily until my scale broke. Until I get a new one , I know how I am doing by how my clothes feel. In fact I had to get many new clothes and alter the old ones. The new clothes were my reward on top of feeling so much better.

    I have not tried spinning and mainly use the treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bike. Sounds like you have a great plan and look forward to hearing more progress and you will have that!

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Agreed, Equinox is a popular gym that gets quite crowded.

      Lots of water cannot hurt (unless your heart doctor or kidney doctor tells you to limit water intake).

      I read somewhere that consuming 8 ounces of ice water burns 5-10 calories because the body needs to warm it to room temperature so that is an easy way to burn calories, just drinking cold water!

      Thanks for being the first person to post on my blog!
      Dr. Schleider

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