3 Reasons Why The Most Common Cause of the Common Cold – Coronavirus – Is Making So Much News?

Written by Natan Schleider, M.D. on January 29th, 2020

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Vinatage Disposable Paper Advertisement circa 1950s

A common virus called the coronavirus (yes, like the beer) is making news. This virus is the most common cause of the common cold (along with rhinovirus and parainfluenza virus). This virus has NEVER killed remotely as many people as influenza virus or opiods or car crashes.

According to The New York Times ‘ 132 people had died from the virus’ to date.

For reference about 1,000 (that is one thousand) people died yesterday in the United States of America from atherosclerotic disease (artery clogging) like coronary artery disease. And 1000 people the day before…a total of ‘360,000 people¬†will die from [atherosclerosis] each year’ according to WebMD.

So 5 Reasons Why The Common Cold causing Coronavirus is Making News:

  1. This new coronavirus may be as lethal as the Corona SARS virus which killed a total of 774 people in 29 countries according to the World Health Organization. in 2003-2004. More people died yesterday from heart attacks in the USA alone.
  2. This new coronavirus may be worse that the MERS Coronavirus which has killed a total of 858 people since 2012 in 27 countries. More people died yesterday from heart attacks in the USA alone.
  3. Anything new is fundamentally scary to humans which gets the media excited.

I am following the Center of Disease Control website actively and see no evidence that coronavirus poses a threat even close to influenza but I am no virologist, just a regular fully licensed board certified medical doctor / general practitioner.

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